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If your group has something in common with our (Like Nintendo, Pokémon, etc...)will be welcome! o/



Some rules to make the group organized;

:pointr: Fanart, Fanfiction, Animations, papercraft, cosplays... any kind of art about Random Doom is allowed to be submitted into the group.

:pointr: Gijinka (anthro forms) of any characters are welcome into the group.

:pointr: We do not accept art that depicts something other than Random Doom.

:pointr: Translations are not allowed as well.

:pointr: Any artwork that has some blood or violence is fine, but anything that exceeds that (like excessive blood/violence, etc.), must have a Mature Content filter. Remember, there are kids who visit here as well.

:pointr: Sexual and fetish artworks are not allowed either.

:pointr: Any artwork that features this fanclub's Pokésona and any Random Doom character(s) will be decided upon by our staff. This is a tricky topic that cannot be accepted without question.

:pointr: If you are unsure if a piece is acceptable or not on the group's gallery don't hesitate to contact us.

:pointr: Please refrain from Spam.

Have a question? Are you lost? Read this section before asking!


"What's Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Random Doom is a name of a Webcomic series created by the artist :icontamarinfrog: and the story revolves around Jenna, a formed trainer and her team of Pokemon, living the most diverse types of situations, sometimes comic, random, other tense. With so many charismatic characters and with a unique style, she become a well-knowing Comic artist.
For more informations/details/trivias and bios of everything about Random Doom, we suggest to see "What is Random Doom?", created by the own BehindtG!:…

"What kind of fanart and/or fanfiction I can submit?"
:bulletred:Since there's a Random Doom's character, they will be welcome!

"How can I submit a fanart or a fanfiction or anything else about Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Just become a member. Since you're a member the "submit a art" button will appear in the main page! ^^
Please be sure to submit to the correct Folder, ok? Click the fanart, fanfinction, fancomic Folder you want to submit to, and click in "+Submit" to this Folder button on the top right.

"Why my fanfiction is taking too long to be accepted in the group?"
:bulletred: As a literature work, it needs more time to be reviewed in order to check if the fanfiction is inside the group's rules. If you're sure your fanfiction is inside the rules, you don't have to worry that your submition will be accepted! But, if your request expires and nobody have reviewed, you can re-send your request and, if you wish, send a note to the group explain all that happened.

"How can I join to the group?"
:bulletred:Simply click the "join our group"'s bottom at left column of the page and POOF! You become a member! :D

"Can I submit other BehindtG's fanart? Like Black on White, Nightmare Before Christmas, Super Smash Bros. Melee or Teen Titan?"
:bulletred:Unfortunately, no. Since it's a Random Doom's Fanclub, only arts related to this series will be allowed. If you are searching for a club to this try this one is the group that involves all BehindtG's stuffs.

:bulletgreen: For those of you that are interested, there is a chat dedicated to this group specifically. Join if you'd like and communicate with all of your fellow Random-Doom fans.

P.S.:this area still in progress. As many he more questions the same type are made, will be added here. ^^

The Jack of All Trades

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Hello everyone, Axel here finally coming to you with the contest results!

Thank you everyone who participated and everyone who commented their votes as well. Also sorry for the delay, internet has been acting up for me lately.

OK, enough rambling around and lets see the results!

:bulletgreen:First Place

1st place wins:
:pointr: The "Golden Medal" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: A Colored Request by :icontamarinfrog:! Background included, maximum of two characters.

The first place, with a total of 26 points, goes to...

"Midnight Waltz" by TSEstrada.
Midnight Waltz by TSEstrada

With a nocturnal ambient, soft color palette and couple on the center it would seem like there's not much of a competition going on, and that's because there isn't: there might be other contestants in there but Mathew and Elizabeth already have this on their... Wings? Pincers? Let's just say they have this. Great job Estrada.

:bulletblue:Second Place

2nd place wins:
:pointr: The "Silver Medal" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: A Full-Colored Request by :iconneko1inu2kitsune3:! Background included, maximum of five characters.

The second place, with a total of 21 points, goes to...

"The Great Race, Kids Version" by LuckyZorua.
The Great Race, Kids version (competition entry) by LuckyZorua

Talk about a sheer fun picture about one of the most common competitions of all: a race. No wonder it caught so many people's attention, in the end, its all fun and games (Let's hope no one cheated on this one. I'm looking at you Morrigan!). Good job Lucky.

:bulletyellow:Third Place

3rd place wins:
:pointr: The "Bronze Medal" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: A Sketch Request by :icontamarinfrog:! Maximum of two characters.

The third place, with a total of 18 points, goes to...

"Arm Wresle Cotton VS Ross" by BatPhoenix14845.
Arm Wresle Cotton VS Ross by BatPhoenix14845

You can see things are pretty heated up even at first glance (I mean, just look at Ross' face). This entry not only manages to portray the competitive side of arm wrestling but another all-time classic competition underneath: "Boys Vs Girls." Nice job Phoenix.


And so the competition comes to an end. Congratulations to all of the winners and once again, thank you all who joined in by submitting their entries, casting their comments or even just looking at the entries and reading these journals (Believe it or not that is a big part of these Contests).

Speaking of which, what are your opinions on this judging process? Does it seem fair to you? Should we get some actual judges? Any suggestions as to how could it be improved? Any ideas for what you would like the next contest to be about? Feel free to let us know in the Comment's section (So don't be afraid to voice your opinion, no matter how wacky it might sound you can be sure we will at least give it a look :XD:).

So in short, to everyone who participated, thanks for playing, see you next time! :icondannyrdlaplz:
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