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If your group has something in common with our (Like Nintendo, Pokémon, etc...)will be welcome! o/



Some rules to make the group organized;

:pointr: Fanart, Fanfiction, Animations, papercraft, cosplays... any kind of art about Random Doom is allowed to be submitted into the group.

:pointr: Gijinka (anthro forms) of any characters are welcome into the group.

:pointr: We do not accept art that depicts something other than Random Doom.

:pointr: Translations are not allowed as well.

:pointr: Any artwork that has some blood or violence is fine, but anything that exceeds that (like excessive blood/violence, sex, nudity), must have a Mature Content filter. Remember, there are kids who visit here as well.

:pointr: Any artwork that features this fanclub's Pokésona and any Random Doom character(s) will be decided upon by our staff. This is a tricky topic that cannot be accepted without question.

:pointr: Please refrain from Spam.

Have a question? Are you lost? Read this section before asking!


"What's Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Random Doom is a name of a Webcomic series created by the artist :icontamarinfrog: and the story revolves around Jenna, a formed trainer and her team of Pokemon, living the most diverse types of situations, sometimes comic, random, other tense. With so many charismatic characters and with a unique style, she become a well-knowing Comic artist.
For more informations/details/trivias and bios of everything about Random Doom, we suggest to see "What is Random Doom?", created by the own BehindtG!:…

"What kind of fanart and/or fanfiction I can submit?"
:bulletred:Since there's a Random Doom's character, they will be welcome!

"How can I submit a fanart or a fanfiction or anything else about Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Just become a member. Since you're a member the "submit a art" button will appear in the main page! ^^
Please be sure to submit to the correct Folder, ok? Click the fanart, fanfinction, fancomic Folder you want to submit to, and click in "+Submit" to this Folder button on the top right.

"Why my fanfiction is taking too long to be accepted in the group?"
:bulletred: As a literature work, it needs more time to be reviewed in order to check if the fanfiction is inside the group's rules. If you're sure your fanfiction is inside the rules, you don't have to worry that your submition will be accepted! But, if your request expires and nobody have reviewed, you can re-send your request and, if you wish, send a note to the group explain all that happened.

"How can I join to the group?"
:bulletred:Simply click the "join our group"'s bottom at left column of the page and POOF! You become a member! :D

"Can I submit other BehindtG's fanart? Like Black on White, Nightmare Before Christmas, Super Smash Bros. Melee or Teen Titan?"
:bulletred:Unfortunately, no. Since it's a Random Doom's Fanclub, only arts related to this series will be allowed. If you are searching for a club to this try this one is the group that involves all BehindtG's stuffs.

:bulletgreen: For those of you that are interested, there is a chat dedicated to this group specifically. Join if you'd like and communicate with all of your fellow Random-Doom fans.

P.S.:this area still in progress. As many he more questions the same type are made, will be added here. ^^

RD Stamps + Membership Cards!

random-doom-fanclub.deviantart… <- Find out more here!
RD-FC Membership Card 1 - Dark Card by Adam1704 RD-FC Membership Card 2 - Electric Card by Adam1704
RD-FC Membership Card 3 - Fire Card by Adam1704 RD-FC Membership Card 4 - Grass Card by Adam1704
RD-FC Membership Card 5 - Ice Card by Adam1704 RD-FC Membership Card 6 - Water Card by Adam1704

Random Doom Stamp by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Danny by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Merry by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Veruka by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Vincent by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Rupert by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Ross by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Scratch by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Sibelius by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Saria by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Napoleon by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Cotton by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Edna by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Matthew by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Elizabeth by TamarinFrog
The Battle Randomizer has come to an end (The final matches are still being done but no further spins will be done). Thank you all who participated. The Massive Friend Code Exchange Is still ongoing though, feel free to join and play with fellow members if you haven't still.


Hello everyone, Happy (Very late) Holidays! Axel here coming to you with a brand new activity!

Here's a question: how many of you like the Pokemon games? OK, how many of you actively play any of the games? How many have/beaten X&Y?

In the past we've held tournaments after a certain time a Pokemon version comes out. This gives the chance to our members to battle other group members for a title and maybe even get to know each other (Only a bit, the battling is the important part :XD:).

However, those who have played these X/Y versions will realize there is much more to do between fellow players such as trading Pokemon, giving each other powers, getting Friend Safaris, exchanging videos and... battling? (OK, yes, the game is pretty much still built around battling, there's no way around it :shakefist:).

And so, for all the Pokemon playing Random Doom fans who would like to play together here, our next activity is a Massive Friend Code Exchange (Which actually works for other games too)!


:bulletblack: You must be a member to participate! If you're not a member you can join by visiting the front page of the Random-Doom-FanClub and clicking the button on the top of the page.

:bulletblack: Enter your details using the following format:

Mii Name:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Miscellaneous: [OPTIONAL: You can put anything you want in here, such as a phrase, your Pokemon version, what Pokemon you have, Friend Safari Type, what Pokemon are you after, etc. NOTE: Please, nothing offensive]

:bulletblack: Please refrain from doing fake entries.


Mii Name: Vincent
In-Game Name: Vincent
Friend Code: 1234-1234-1234
Miscellaneous: (Dummy Entry, will be removed later)

Mii Name: Alex
In-Game Name: Axel
Friend Code: 4613-6836-7124
Miscellaneous: I have Pokemon Y and my Friend Safari is Ground type with Nincada and Trapinch (No idea of the third).

Mii Name: Rebekah
In-Game Name: Rebekah
Friend Code: 2320-6648-5571
Miscellaneous: Friend Safari is Normal Type.

Mii name: Chris
In-Game Name: Chris
Friend Code: 5343-8748-5488
Miscellaneous: Willing to trade and battle. Have too many zoruas and fennekins (trying to get a shiny)

Mii name: Thomas
In-Game Name: Thomas
Friend Code: 2621 3620 6752
Miscellaneous: Game: Y

Mii name: Dom
In-game name: Dominick
Friend code: 1177-8228-4033
Miscellaneous: I love to battle but I'm just not very good at it.

Mii name: Grace
In-game name: Kristen
Friend code: 3909-8690-1991
Miscellaneous: Willing to trade and battle, but I'm currently busy with school and projects. Currently breeding and trading starters.

Mii Name: Dave
In-Game Name: Doctor
Friend Code: 3625-8144-0945
Miscellaneous: I just want some shinies DX

Mii Name: Alan
In-Game Name: Alan
Friend Code: 0860-3841-4962
Miscellaneous: Trade or battle don't care

Mii Name: Logan
In-Game Name: Logan
Friend Code: 2191-8145-0564
Miscellaneous: Battle, Trade, anything really.

Mii Name: Lauran
In-Game Name: Lauran
Friend Code: 5472-7460-8585
Miscellaneous: I am trying to complete the pokedex

Mii Name: Bryzom
In-Game Name: Bryzom
Friend Code: 4699-6726-3362
Miscellaneous: Trying to complete the dex; Looking for battles(No legends) and trades, also enjoy PR videos; Safari: Fairy

(NOTE: This list will be updated regularly as more codes are added)

However, we do realize how much this alienates players that don't have the newer games. While this has been common in the past, it doesn't have to be that way: the Friend Code system has been around for at least two generations, and even many of us who get new games still play previous ones. And so, we are holding another DS Gen Friend Code Exchange for the players that have and still play previous versions of Pokemon games (D/P/Pl/Ss/Hg/B/W/B2/W2).


:bulletblack: You must be a member to participate! If you're not a member you can join by visiting the front page of the Random-Doom-FanClub and clicking the button on the top of the page.

:bulletblack: Enter your details using the following format:

Pokemon Version:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Miscellaneous: [OPTIONAL: You can put anything you want in here, such as a phrase, what Pokemon you have, what Pokemon are you after, etc. NOTE: Please, nothing offensive]

:bulletblack: If you have several games you can add them, just make sure to mention which code belongs to which game since Friend Codes are not compatible between generations.

:bulletblack: Please refrain from doing fake entries.

:bulletgreen:GEN 4::bulletgreen:

Pokemon Version: Diamond
In-Game Name: Marlowe
Friend Code: 1111-2222-3333
Miscellaneous: (Dummy Entry, will be removed later)

Pokemon Version: Soul Silver
In-Game Name: Axel
Friend Code: 0647-5511-9674
Miscellaneous: This is my Nuzlocke Run game so my team isn't very strong.

:bulletgreen:GEN 5::bulletgreen:

Pokemon Version: Black
In-Game Name: Mathew
Friend Code: 5555-7777-8888
Miscellaneous: (Dummy Entry, will be removed later)

Pokemon Version: White 2
In-Game Name: Bekah
Friend Code: 4256-1315-1034
Miscellaneous: Willing to both battle and trade.

(NOTE: These lists will be updated regularly as more codes are added)

Oh, but wait, there's more :D.

Yes, exchanging Friend Codes on itself is useful since you get to do whatever you want with other members. However, since we're already doing this, why stop there?

Traditionally we've had Tournaments but how about trying something new and a bit more simple (And complicated at the same time)? And so, we get the Battle Randomizer event!

Battle Randomizer

:bulletpurple: Participating members will voluntarily comment their interest to enter and will be signed up at the list below. They will randomly be assigned an Opponent from the list.

:bulletpurple: These two Opponents will then battle each other under terms they agree on themselves (It is highly recommended to discuss this by Notes, as well as setting a specific date and time both are comfortable with).

:bulletpurple: Once the match is over they will report the results back. The score will be displayed on the list right next to their names.

:bulletpurple: Participating members can only be assigned one Opponent at a time, but you may participate as many times as they want.

:bulletpurple: OPTIONAL: Being an art-based community, it's recommended for participating members to make a small entry to remember the match.

Event Rules

:bulletblue: You must be a member to participate! If you're not a member you can join by visiting the front page of the Random-Doom-FanClub and clicking the button on the top of the page.

:bulletblue: Participating members must have joined the Massive Friend Code Exchange.

:bulletblue: Matches may only be made on Pokemon X/Y (Matches on previous games are possible only under special conditions).

:bulletblue: Matches must be played between January 14th - February 23th

:bulletblue: In the case of an unresponding Opponent contact me, Axel230, to assign a different Opponent.

:bulletblue: Please refrain from cheating or reporting fake results.

:bulletblue: Do your best and have fun!

:bulletgreen:LIST OF OPPONENTS::bulletgreen:

1 - :iconscratchwtfplz: (Dummy Entry, will be removed later)
Losses: NEVAH!
Draws: -ERROR 404-

2 - :iconaxel230:
Wins: 0
Losses: 3
Draws: 0

3 - :iconneko1inu2kitsune3:
Wins: 2
Losses: 2
Draws: 0

4 - :iconwillnox:
Wins: 4
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

5 - :iconinfamouscrusader:
Wins: 1
Losses: 1
Draws: 1

6 - :iconkotana-clone:
Wins: 1
Losses: 2
Draws: 0

7 - :iconalan2906:
Wins: 0
Losses: 1
Draws: 0

8 - :iconthelivingnightmare13:
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 1

9 - :icondrunkensniper009:
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0

(NOTE: This list will be updated regularly and more slots will be added as more Opponents sign up).

On a final note, anyone that enters any of the previous events will be awarded with the "Community Exchange" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.

Yes, that would be everything. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! I mean... Have fun! :iconvincentlaplz:
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Is there any tournaments happening now? :3
pokediginut Mar 3, 2014  Student Writer
Well there is the Battle Randomizer.
Battle Randomizer?

That sounds fun and... random! :D

Would you mind telling me how it works please? :meow:
pokediginut Mar 4, 2014  Student Writer
Oh man I'm sorry, shoot it looks like the main competitions are over, but you can still add your 3Ds friend code and stuff, hold ion check here random-doom-fanclub.deviantart…
(1 Reply)
LuckyZorua Feb 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
how do i join........ may i join ?
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