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If your group has something in common with our (Like Nintendo, Pokémon, etc...)will be welcome! o/



Some rules to make the group organized;

:pointr: Fanart, Fanfiction, Animations, papercraft, cosplays... any kind of art about Random Doom is allowed to be submitted into the group.

:pointr: Gijinka (anthro forms) of any characters are welcome into the group.

:pointr: We do not accept art that depicts something other than Random Doom.

:pointr: Translations are not allowed as well.

:pointr: Any artwork that has some blood or violence is fine, but anything that exceeds that (like excessive blood/violence, etc.), must have a Mature Content filter. Remember, there are kids who visit here as well.

:pointr: Sexual and fetish artworks are not allowed either.

:pointr: Any artwork that features this fanclub's Pokésona and any Random Doom character(s) will be decided upon by our staff. This is a tricky topic that cannot be accepted without question.

:pointr: If you are unsure if a piece is acceptable or not on the group's gallery don't hesitate to contact us.

:pointr: Please refrain from Spam.

Have a question? Are you lost? Read this section before asking!


"What's Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Random Doom is a name of a Webcomic series created by the artist :icontamarinfrog: and the story revolves around Jenna, a formed trainer and her team of Pokemon, living the most diverse types of situations, sometimes comic, random, other tense. With so many charismatic characters and with a unique style, she become a well-knowing Comic artist.
For more informations/details/trivias and bios of everything about Random Doom, we suggest to see "What is Random Doom?", created by the own BehindtG!:…

"What kind of fanart and/or fanfiction I can submit?"
:bulletred:Since there's a Random Doom's character, they will be welcome!

"How can I submit a fanart or a fanfiction or anything else about Random Doom?"
:bulletred:Just become a member. Since you're a member the "submit a art" button will appear in the main page! ^^
Please be sure to submit to the correct Folder, ok? Click the fanart, fanfinction, fancomic Folder you want to submit to, and click in "+Submit" to this Folder button on the top right.

"Why my fanfiction is taking too long to be accepted in the group?"
:bulletred: As a literature work, it needs more time to be reviewed in order to check if the fanfiction is inside the group's rules. If you're sure your fanfiction is inside the rules, you don't have to worry that your submition will be accepted! But, if your request expires and nobody have reviewed, you can re-send your request and, if you wish, send a note to the group explain all that happened.

"How can I join to the group?"
:bulletred:Simply click the "join our group"'s bottom at left column of the page and POOF! You become a member! :D

"Can I submit other BehindtG's fanart? Like Black on White, Nightmare Before Christmas, Super Smash Bros. Melee or Teen Titan?"
:bulletred:Unfortunately, no. Since it's a Random Doom's Fanclub, only arts related to this series will be allowed. If you are searching for a club to this try this one is the group that involves all BehindtG's stuffs.

:bulletgreen: For those of you that are interested, there is a chat dedicated to this group specifically. Join if you'd like and communicate with all of your fellow Random-Doom fans.

P.S.:this area still in progress. As many he more questions the same type are made, will be added here. ^^

The Jack of All Trades

Staff members

RD Stamps + Membership Cards + Plz Icons!

random-doom-fanclub.deviantart… <- Find out more here!
RD-FC Membership Card 1 - Dark Card by MonkeyKingHero RD-FC Membership Card 2 - Electric Card by MonkeyKingHero
RD-FC Membership Card 3 - Fire Card by MonkeyKingHero RD-FC Membership Card 4 - Grass Card by MonkeyKingHero
RD-FC Membership Card 5 - Ice Card by MonkeyKingHero RD-FC Membership Card 6 - Water Card by MonkeyKingHero

Random Doom Stamp by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Danny by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Merry by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Veruka by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Vincent by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Rupert by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Ross by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Scratch by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Sibelius by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Saria by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Napoleon by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Cotton by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Edna by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Matthew by TamarinFrog RD Stamp - Elizabeth by TamarinFrog

:iconvincentlaplz: :iconverukalaplz: :iconrupertlaplz: :icondannyrdlaplz: :iconmerrylaplz:
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:iconvincent-overdose-plz: :iconsoon-plz: :iconvincentoohplz: :iconnapoleonisnotamused:
EDIT: The deadline is coming close! Make sure to cast your entries soon for a chance to win some big prizes!


(AKA: Summer Selfie Olympics 2015! :iconvincentquestionplz:)

Hello everyone! Axel here coming to you with a slightly diffferent take on our Summer Contest.

In fact...


Vincent sneaked into the house, looking around carefully. Hearing no one around he grinned, Elisa and Ina were not looking. He made his way to the kitchen, careful not to make a sound as he looked for the cookie jar.

It was then that he noticed a strange-looking box on top of the kitchen table. The Lucario tilted his head curiously and took a closer look. The small box had a small glass window on one side, an even smaller one on the opposite side and a few buttons on the top.

His attention went straight to the big button though and his paw went right to it.

"Scratch! How many times have I told you not to chew on the cables?!" The angry voice of Elisa came from the next room, shortly followed by a Pachirisu fleeing the scene, nearly knocking down the Lucario in the process.

Vincent's paws fumbled nervously with the strange box, startled by Elisa's yelling and nearly losing his grip on it.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light. The Lucario blinked several times, a bit dazed by the light. Then a small piece of paper came out of the box, falling to the floor.

Vincent looked at the slip of paper, confused for a moment: it only had a black square on it. Suddenly, a kitchen table began to appear on the black square, along with a chair behind and the blue paw of a Lucario on the corner.

Vincent gasped excitedly: he knew that table, and that chair, and that paw...

He took the piece of paper from the floor, the strange-looking box and hurried back outside.
"(Guys! Guys! You gotta check this out!)" he panted excitedly as he came across Rupert and Veruka.


The RD crew has found a camera! What will they do with it?

In this Contest you must make a picture as if it had been taken with a camera by someone from the RD crew. Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions, Action Shots, Still Shots, HDR, Sceneries, Selfies, anything goes, be creative! The possibilities are (almost) endless :D.

Of course, just make sure to read the rules carefully:

Contest Rules

:bulletblue: You must be a member to participate! If you're not a member you can join by visiting the front page of the Random-Doom-FanClub and clicking the button on the top of the page.

:bulletblue: Your entry must contain official TamarinFrog's Random Doom and Minor characters (Kikulina's Vanilla and Sherbet included). Original chracters are not allowed (Sorry).

:bulletblue: Your entry must have a total of 1+ RD characters for it to be accepted (Or at least a fraction of one)!.

:bulletblue: Your entry must include the Contest-Specific Polaroid Frame Template to be accepted (Contact Axel230 in case you have trouble implementing it into your entry).

:bulletblue: Multiple entries are allowed! You can send one, two, three... Twenty... As many you like!.

:bulletblue: Entries must be cast in by September 4th 2015.

:bulletblue: Please note that these entries must have been made after the day June 8th .

:bulletblue: Collaboration entries are allowed . However, in case of wining a place both parties must either agree on and share the prize or compete between each other for the right to claim it.

:bulletblue: Do your best and have fun!

:bulletblue: Any questions? Feel free to ask if you're confused!

How to Enter

:bulletred: Download the Contest-Specific Polaroid Frame Template by clicking here.
Polaroid Frame Template by Axel230 (<- Or here, that works too!).

:bulletred: Create and upload an entry! Upload your entry to your deviantArt account like you would upload any of your artwork (Contact Axel230 if you have trouble implementing the Template into your entry. It's also highly recommendable that you submit your entry without the Polaroid Frame Template to your Scraps or Stash for safekeeping purposes).

:bulletred: Submit it to the club! Go to the special gallery folder found here, click "Submit to This Folder" and select your deviation!

:bulletred: Watch your Inbox. Keep an eye on your Inbox, we will review your submission to make sure it complies with all the rules, and then approve it!

The judging this time will be done by several Judges.


Every Person who enters the Contest will be given a special emblem for their RD-FC membership cards once the emblem has become available. Don't know what the RD-FC card is? Don't have a card yet? Check it out here.

This, of course, without mentioning the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive additional prizes as always:

:bulletgreen:1st Prize Includes:

:pointr: The "Pro Photographer" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: One of the following Physical Rewards:

(Courtesy of pokediginut, more details to be revealed upon the end of the Contest).

:bulletblue:2nd Prize Includes:

:pointr: The "Semi-Pro Photographer" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: A Single Character Request by Neko1Inu2Kitsune3, background included.

:bulletyellow:3rd Prize Includes:

:pointr: The "Skilled Photographer" Emblem for the Achievements section of the RD-FC Membership Card.
:pointr: An Animated Pixel Scene by Axel230, maximum of 12 characters.

So there you have it, clean up those lenses, find your best lightning and frame those shots!!!
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